Sunday, 21 December 2014

2014- the Highlights

Decided to do a Highlight post for 2014, but as I was blogging mostly on Dayre, it's all going to be linked there.

The entry is pretty bias, as most of what I would have considered as Highlights from the first 4 months of the year are now my lowlights, haha.

Here we go!

Day 28
Back in Singapore for my Annual holiday home, met with my usual gang to eat, and have fun. Join the line for Bak Kua, haha.

Day 41
Brought my Mum to TWG for the first time, and just hang with her around Marina Bay Sands

Day 77
Skye finally posted photos of the Stardriver shoot we did 2 years ago!!!

Day 102
First good thing that happened to me after the breakup: Jay Chou's Opus2 concert in Sydney. Also, forever in debt to Daniel for making a last minute trip to Sydney to keep me company that weekend. It's times like this, you know who your true friends are T_T

Day 108
Jing's Easter trip to Australia to visit me, which turned out to be a trip to bring me home. If it wasn't for her, I won't be able to carry most of my stuff home with me. BFFs~

Day 114
While Jing was with me in Australia to keep my mind off things and help me through this tough times, BFF #1 Skye went to my place, took down every picture she found of him, and replace them with pictures of people who care and love me. She also did a beautiful board to welcome me home.

Seriously, after this, Skye, Jing and Daniel are forever the people I know will be there for me when I need them! T_T

Day 146
My Slytherin nails!

Day 173
DJ Party, where it's just good band music, and fangirling Rika day~

Day 186

Day 192
My birthday!

Day 194
Birthday Chalet/ gathering with friends from Secondary school. We have been friends for over 10 years! It's also friendship like these that kept me going, and glad that I am back in Singapore to reconnect with all these life-long friends.

Day 221
National day celebrations! First one in Singapore in ages! I guess living overseas makes you appreciate your own home a lot more, and what used to be just another public holiday for me is now a day I am glad and grateful to be born in this country.

Day 235
Natsu Matsuri! I missed going to Natsuri!

Day 241
Day off from work! Karaoke, and RAFFLES HOTEL MOONCAKE omg I missed you so much!

Day 242
The day I brought River <3 Actually I brought River on day 241, but didn't blog about it til past midnight~ haha

Day 251
STGCC Event and Staycation in Marina Mandarin.

Day 263
Okay, this should have been a day 262 entry, but again, midnight.
The day that changed my life.. the day I went to watch Mayday LIVE!
I mean, I heard of the band before! I don't think there is any chinese-speaking person who has never heard of Mayday, but I wasn't crazy about them, until I saw them LIVE, and it just, captured me.There is just this force that makes me want to see them again and again, to listen closely and catch every chord, every bass note, every drum beat, and every sound that comes from them.
It also started my StayReal obsession. Sure, I wanted to get 1 teeshirt to remember the concert, but then I felt in love with all the designs, and started collecting them..
My wallet is never the same again T_T

Day 277
Did my Lion Sheryl Nome shoot- not only is this a shoot I've been planning to do for years, but I think it's my best shoot of the year. Really like the photos that came out, and I had a lot of fun.
Of course, what you don't see is me screaming and singing Mayday songs as I pose, to try and get that LIVE feel in the pictures. hahah

Day 291
Halloween Horror Night with the gang! It was alright, a lot of lines, but the gang made it bearable. We were there mainly for Jing's revenge! haha. Too bad Jing isn't there.
And sadly, its the day I learn about Jay Chou's Singapore Concert's postponement to the week I am on call, and therefore, unable to attend the concert anymore =(

Day 323
Where I did a check of all the StayReal stuff I have up to this date XD

Day 325
Where we learn that Masa is married, and my bff's sch concert band had a performance at Victoria Concert Hall.
It reminds me of that time when I performed at the Concert Hall. The Guitar Ensemble is just a small part of the performance, which is mostly to show off our band and choir, but if it wasn't for that, I won't be able to say that I have been on that stage. haha.

Tooo bad I've forgotten everything about playing the guitar! I am learning again tho!

Day 326
Madoka shoot day!

Day 333
Collected my tickets to 逆转胜, and went to Company of Cats for the first time!

Day 339
Watched 逆转胜! Got Toothless, and checked into Panpac for Staycation/ AFA weekend!

And the on-going Xmas celebrations: With the Crazy Animal Farm gang, the AS gang, follow by NYE countdown with more people from the cosplay gang.. and of course, the first highlight for 2015:

My Taiwan trip! (Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!) whahhaa

I can't wait for the next 2 weeks to fly past!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Rockmall- such impressive shipping

Got a parcel yesterday when I went home, and was pleasantly surprised to see my RockMall order had arrived!

I place the order on Monday night, and they only process it on Tuesday, and tada! On Thursday, it's sitting on my bed!

Brought a few past concert merchandises, because I just love these items so much! haha. I really hope that the Kaohsiung Concert will have nice t-shirts! However, it's the New Year concert, so I'm not sure if they will design anything new for it *I really hope they do!*

Well, as long as I get my lightstick! haha. I want one so badly *_*

Got this so Jing and I can wear it at the concert~ 

This is pretty much the reason why I ended up on Rockmall. I love this shirt so much! It's one of my favorite song from them, and it's such an aspirating song to listen to when you are down.  

Also got a Just Love It! Tee, I hope to attend one of their Just Love it concert one day! 

Got the FS and FM shirts, and I like how I can just wear them with shorts and leggings. So going to bring them to Taiwan with me, but not sure if I want to wear it to the Kaoshiung Concert, or just wear StayReal to the concert.

OMG, I have enough Mayday shirts that I now actually have to DECIDE which one I want to wear in Taiwan... I am pretty sure at the beginning of the month, I had JUST ENOUGH to last my Taiwan trip.

Seriously, one day, I am going to look back to these few months, and go, "How the hell did I spent so much money". Even Jay Chou didn't make me part with so much money before. lol.

Unless you count that super overpriced Sydney Concert ticket, hahah. Really bad seats, but I get to see Jay Chou *_*

BTW, he's doing an autograph session in Kaohsiung the next day of Mayday's concert, but Jing will kill me *_*

Monday, 15 December 2014

2015 Organiser get!

I always don't feel like it's the end of the year until I get my hands on a new organiser. I think that's the first sign that the new year is coming. I love the feel of getting a new organiser, and the excitement of filling it up with dates, events and plans.

Usually, my organisers are anime themed, or Hello Kitty/ Kutsushita Nyanko. One of my most unique one was a handmade TARDIS book by Daniel, aka the River Song Diary.

This year, I opt for the StayReal organiser. (Because I am such a StayReal horder these days)

Such a pretty thing! *_*
I actually preordered the Mousy design from the Singapore store, but they didn't call me! So I walked in yesterday, since I was in Bugis with Jeslene. To my surprise, the organisers were already in! They didn't have Mousy, so they didn't call me.. At least let me know right? By the time I got there, the green one was already sold out! So I took the blue one instead. I could have ordered it online, or buy it in Taiwan, but I really don't want to wait any longer.

I did walk away with a passport holder as well- that passport holder has been OOS for sometime, and I hardly see it online either, so I guess that is alright.

Looking forward to all my trips in January! Not looking forward to work related matters T_T

Whenever I get a new calendar, I like to flip over to July. That's my birth month~ And I'm glad to see this little cutie here!

Already filled up birthdays and public holidays for the year!

And May is just adorable. MAY DAY~~ hahaha. 

Friday, 12 December 2014


Not like anyone will notice, but I shut down Mirror Image for 6 months.

It was a painful 6 months for me, and I was hoping that one day, I will be able to restart the blog, and continue writing.

That is not the case.

This is technically a new blog, and I've changed the URL of the old Mirror Image so that it's somewhere in cyberspace. Maybe one day I will be open to the memories there. However, these memories will be locked away from everyone else.

I blog daily on Dayre now, but feel like, it's not the same as keeping an actual blog with pictures and long wall of text.

I thought of changing the name of the blog, but Mirror Image have been with me for more than 10 years. Not that messy thing you might have seen last year, but an even messier one! It was the name of my Geocities (omg its that old) site, and ever since, whenever I needed a blog name, it seems to be the only one that sticks.

Mirror Image, when you look into the mirror, hopefully you recognise the image looking back at you.

Next exciting thing in my life will be Taiwan I guess. Very much looking forward to it. It is such a YOLO trip too.

I just really wanted to go to Taiwan this year, especially since a lot of my friends went and I keep seeing pictures of their trip on my facebook. Even more so when I fell in love with Mayday, and really want to watch them live in Taiwan.

Short story: There was a package with confirmed concert tickets, and there is YOLO people willing to let me drag them across Taiwan for Mayday.

It's a short 5 day trip, but I am so looking forward to it!

(I look forward to Taiwan so much, I am already scheming 2015-2016 countdown in Taiwan, whahah)

2014 has been a confusing year for me. I hit rock bottom, but with the help of my friends, I am slowly climbing back up. I don't know if I will ever be the same again, but I will try. My view in life might have shifted a little, my ambition and goal is shaken, but I am sure if I keep looking, another path will open, and I will once again be able to do what I love. I might even find a new thing to love, or picked up something I could have loved, but missed out. (stares at bass guitars)

12/12/2014- I can't wait to say goodbye to 2014, and say Hello to 2015!