Friday, 21 February 2014

Back from Home! Part 1

Just came back after a 3 week break. Went home to Singapore.. my SIngapore trips are always not long enough. I always end up not meeting all my friends, not spending enough time with the bffs, and not spending enough time with my family.

Might have to break this post to a couple of parts as well, but it won't be as long as Japan for sure! =P

Minh brought me to the airport, and stayed with me till I need to go. It's always sad to be flying without him.

Getting ready to go on the plane!

I have Ms Sparkles with me, so at least I am not alone!

First refreshment they served onboard before switching the lights off and getting us to sleep. I tried watching a few movies, but nothing was really interesting.

All the cursed stuff I cannot eat!!

Got back to Singapore around 6am, and since I wasn't tired, went out for breakfast with Mummy and Daddy. These rabbit baos are really cute! Trust me on this! Photo don't do them justice!

Also went out to meet Jing and Daniel for lunch/ desserts.

Green tea souffle! 
Our matcha latte, ice coffee and lemonade. Guess who got what? =P

Met Elmo in the afternoon. Funny story, he called to ask where we were. I told him Cathay Cineleisure... took me almost an hour to realise that we were at THE CATHAY. Opps! Sorry Momo! He didn't let me live that one down for the whole trip >.<

After chilling around a bit more we head back to Tampines for Prata with whoever that's free to catch up.

The next day I went to Bugis to meet Skye for lunch. Itacho's otoro tuna sushi is a joke! Do not go for it >.<  Then went home to spend the rest of the day unpacking.

Monday, I went to meet Justin, Elmo and Daniel again for lunch. This time we met at Raffles mall to have Tiong Bahru bakery food (IKR)


I had the squid ink burger, pretty interesting! I like salty stuff so I didn't mind it too much.

Daniel just got Flann cos he had lunch at home.

After lunch we went for more sweet food

Fruit paradise's standard dropped way too much! Not going back again!

Had some tako to wash away the bad tart taste.

We then head over to the Cathay again to meet Inu and Zerar for dinner.

Tuesday's breakfast

Tuesday's plan was suppose to be simple: go out to Bugis, buy a dress for CNY, and get my nails done.. only Kei called me while I was on the train and asked if I could go to Chinatown and take over this place in the line for bakwa! hahah.
Kei has been in the line for almost 1.5hours by the time I got there. I took over his place and continued to queue for another 45 mins before getting to the front.

Almost there!!!

A little something to read while I am in the line.

Kei got 2kg in total, while I took another 1 kg. Brought everything to his workplace at Downtown before heading to Bugis to do what I was suppose to do:

Quite happy with them.

Here's to making sure they last till CNY!

Had my hair cutted on Wednesday. I really like what this stylist has done! I suck at maintaining it tho T_t Sorry awesome stylist!
Had Zi cai with the family that night!

Next up: CNY celebrations!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Japan! Part 11- The final chapter- Palace, Maiko and Osaka

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Finally! We are at the last post about Japan!
I really had fun writing these 11 posts, and loved my time in Japan. The 14 days we spent in Japan was so awesome, and I can't wait to go back! Thank you for reading all these time (and sorry about my slow updates >.<)

On 10/10, we head onto the Kyoto Imperial Palace
To enter the tour, you MUST register online at Imperial Household Agency Office with your passport. They are very strict on this, and I have seen people turned away because they did not register online.

Trying to capture the Tachibana and Sakura tree.
Our guide was fluent in English, and is very knowledgeable about the palace. This is definitely my favoruite 'touristy' activity in Kyoto, simply because I actually understood 100% what is going on.

Beautiful paintings on the doors.
Really like this crane one a lot

There are other beautiful paints, but they are unfortunately not available for public viewing that day. They have to shut the doors on certain days because of the weather. These are old paintings that should not be exposed to the elements >.<

Imperial gardens are so lovely. I will like to sit by these rivers and have a sake while chatting with people.

After the tour, we head back to the Geisha district to do my Maiko make-up!

Took them about 1.5 hours to get everything done. We went to Maica and took the Aoi plan which uses a half- wig for a more natural look, as well as a 30min walking around package.

Minh looking handsome taking photos inside

Taking a wall outside XD

Right outside the shop with the kawaii mascot.
I want to try the Oiran package in future!
The experience was fun- the kimono I had was beautiful, but it is quite hard to wear. I had layers of cloth padding under the beautiful kimono, and the obi was pretty tight >.< The wig was also poking into my head quite a bit. Especially the side of the wig. Was semi-relieved to take it off.

We head to GoGo! Curry again. This was when the kind person told us that the first GoGo curry set we had in Shinjuku was the spicy challenge >.< We ordered a normal set this time, and yes, the curry is delicious!!

Thank goodness!

We spent the rest of the day walking around, and waiting for Deeks to arrive. 

Cat delivery service, which we used to get our bags to Kyoto.I love the little black cat!

When back to the parfait shop, this time making extra effort to order more than 1 dish per person

Blue Mountain coffee. Glad to know it's not NSW blue mountain, haha

Calamari for starters: taste like supermarket calamari
Tonkatsu sandwich is pretty up there.

Cheese hamburger. This was delicious.
Deeks getting ready to have a stomach ache after this curious fried karaage parfait .

We then head over to a small izakaya to experience it (also because they have a drink ladder system- the more you drink, the cheaper the drinks get... 10 and above is free!) This was the most interesting experience we have, because the boss was crazy funny, speaking multiple languages, and the atmosphere was really casual. We met a linguistic doctor there, who was chilling after work, and everyone hit it off really well!

Strangers becoming friends. Lol

Must go!

We head onto another bar before calling it a night, as we all have to travel to Osaka the next day.

This place is the reason why I want to go to Osaka. haha

We took the train out and checked in at our hotel- the Shin-Osaka Remm . Among the 3 hotels we stayed in (4 if you count the Ryokan), this was my least favourite, and it doesn't even mean its' bad.

The hotel is really modern, but seem to be more suited to a 1 night business stay rather than holiday. The shower area was lovely tho- no bathtube but there's a rain shower and you can look out the window as you shower to take in the view of the city (you're high enough that no one can see)

But yeah, back to the Osaka Aquarium. You take the escalator to the top level, and walk down from there. The big tank in the middle house the Whale shark, along with other delicious beautiful sea creatures.
Like this little guy
Minh was having fun playing with the seal. The seal seems very attracted to Minh, following him as long as he can before he hots the end of the tank

Crab <3

This is the first time I've seen a live Mola-mola! 

Penguins are like, one of my favorite animals

Star fish sticking to the wall

The blocks look like Wall-e!
We tried looking for delicious food next door atthe Naniwa Food Theme Park.. worst choice of the trip! Food there was horrible, and we ended up eating from Botejyu!

Night view from the hotel

Had a Melon pan in the morning before we start our train journey to Narita >.< We spent the last day of  Japan on a train, but it's alright, we get to see the nice views and eat train bentos again.

My last grape drink.. I love this stuff! Miss it so much!

Japan is such a great place, I didn't want to leave! Was hoping some kind of storm will keep us trap at the airport, but the weather was clear, and I was flew back to my life in Brisbane >.<

Good news tho, I am flying off to Singapore tonight! haha. That was motivation to finish this series as well, because I know that going home means A LOT OF PICTURES and more to update <3